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Keyboard: 88keys hammer action.
Voice: Include 8 standard PCM MIDI sound 64 note-polyphony Dual ,Reverb, Chord,
MIDI control: MIDI IN ,MIDI OUT Record                                                                 
MP3 PLAYER Jack: Power supply, Headphone, MIDI IN,MIDI OUT,USB,AUX OUT , Pedal Box
OUT Put:25W+25W
Headphone out put:32ohm
Speaker:3cmX5cm   8ohm
Pedal: Sustain pedal, sustenuto pedal and soft pedal   
Dimensions: 1386ⅹ417ⅹ838 MM
Weight:58 kg
         Colors available: ebony polish, white polish, walnut polish, mahogany polish, Bubinga polish, Ferrari red polish; the color could be customized